White Lace Dress

12 September, 2017

Alright before you get disappointed, it’s not for a wedding brunch but it could be!!
Every time I see a beautiful white dress I relate it to a wedding and I feel like a bride (recently, I’ve been wanting one so bad…hun?!) and I know it’s kinda hard to find that perfect one. I don’t wanna be mean but this one I actually did for a wholesale clothing production so there is no brand, no name or website you can find it because they resell it to many apparel stores out there, but it’s so perfect I feel in love with it from the moment I dressed it in! It has everything I like in a dress. Feminin, dedicated and hell yah sexy!
Maybe when my bride time comes I can get to wear some dress like this for a pre-wedding brunch, for now…it’s only for blogging!

Xo, GG