Santa Monica, CA #beachdays

Okay, before telling you guys anything about it I need to say something…
really, it’s been crazy and I’ll tell you why! I’ve been so busy with my work that I didn’t have the energy to get to write and post here by the end of the day, the truth is that I really miss having a little journal with more pics! This is were I put out everything is in my mind, so I’ll try to post more!!

One of the things that made me realize how I needed to come back with the posts is because every time I go to Santa Monica beach, the little young Gabi talks to me…
Santa Monica was the city of my dreams, where I would spend hours and hours on google maps looking at those Palm Tress, the streets and everything around. I remember thinking it was too far for a Brazilian girl – we can deny it is indeed – but I had the feeling that I was dreaming to far..and look at me, I AM HERE!!!!
See how weird and amazing life can be? and sometimes I forget that I worked so hard to be here and to make my dream come true, that’s the same thing with the blog. I love what I do, i never stop posting pics on Instagram (btw follow me if you don’t!! @gabigiacomucci) and I can’t stop posting around here specially now that I have so many things to share! I must confess this year was not easy but I’m a believer that when things fall apart they actually fall into place and they did just in the right time.
Here I am back and here I am in Santa Monica!

Shoutout to this amazing Brazilian clothing brand “Say So” that got some cute outfits for me and my blondie @PaigeLorentzen also, thanks @voirimage for capturing amazing moments of us!


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