The Copyright Law has protection worldwide. In Brazil, the copyrights are regulated by Law 9610 of February 19, 1998. Photography is considered an intellectual work and as such is protected by Article 7, Paragraph VII of Law 9.610/98.

Assignment – The images posted on this site are those of the Blog Gabi Giacomucci and are protected by copyright and in case of sharing , should receive due credits.

Commercial – The images on this site, are often used for business purposes and shall not be reproduced on websites that do not belong to the blog authors Gabi Giacomucci or who is not duly authorized for the same purposes.

Some images may not be our own. If any photos belonging to your rights, please contact us for proper credit or removal of it.

Following the standards of the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (CONAR), based at the Law 8078/90, which provides for Consumer Protection as follows:

Section III – Advertising.

Article 36. Advertisements shall be conveyed in such a way that the consumer easily and immediately identify it as such. Thus, all advertisements contained on this site are properly marked.

Sole Paragraph. Provider, in advertising your products or services will keep in their power, for the information of legitimate interest, the factual, technical and scientific data that support the message.

The blog has complete freedom to expose your opinion, noting that such personal character, prey by ethics, credibility and veracity of the information contained in the advertising posts.

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