Music Video: Manny Cruz – Sobrenatural

6 outubro, 2016

Watch the very first Manny Cruz’s music video from the single ” Sobrenatural” with special guest Gabi Giacomucci

On top with your eyebrows | Micropigmentation

6 maio, 2016

A well made eyebrow enhances the eyes, makes you look alive and even healthier. Learn more about this technique and 4 reasons why I recommend you to do yours!

Candle Therapy & Trim Hair: No Split ends anymore!

3 maio, 2016

One of the biggest enemies when it comes to cutting hair is losing length. How many times you  hesitated to go to the salon trim the split ends just because you wanted to let you hair grow, han? Candle Therapy  and Trimming your hair are the new treatments that Brazilians are getting to remove split ends without having your length out!

5 reasons why you should do Ballet Fitness

15 abril, 2016

Your self esteem will rise up high just like your ballerina tiptoe! We listed  5  good reasons why you should do Ballet Fitness and get a rid of physical inactivity in very cool and healthy way!

Ruby Automatic Curler | Irresistible Me

24 março, 2016

The new automatic curler is much more easier to curl you hair! Now,  with Ruby Automatic Curler by Irresistible Me you won’t get burned or waste you time trying to get the perfect side for your curls. There are two buttons that make the hard work for you!

Rockin’ Boots

14 março, 2016