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Since I had started doing my makeup often, I realized that the eyebrows are essential to complete the look. There is no doubt that they can greatly raise the self-esteem of anyone and they can bring them down too.
The fact is that is not everyone that have patience to draw them or retouch them every day, at least, this is my case.

I always had my eyebrows a little missing spots at the beginning and end of it and also, one is more arched than the other.the big problem is that I just can’t get the same shape everyday…I’m not an expert.

People “fear” micropigmentation and I can understand why. Making a mark that can last months or years on your face may be not a good idea. I was encouraged to make it and I’ll let you know in advance that I do not regret it! It was the best thing I’ve ever done!


How’s micro pigmentation?

This technique consists of implanting pigment into the dermis. It’s not so deep as a tattoo. With this process you can shape eyebrows, shadow it, light it, contouring lips, eyes, fill and etc.

The micropigmentation may be a bit uncomfortable, because it’s a superficial tattoo around the eye part, but you can use an anesthetic ointment that will help you to get a rid of any feeling that can be unpleasant.

The duration of micropigmentation can last from 2 to 5 years. You can retouch it after this period.


1- Easier and Faster

For those who have flaws or almost nonexistent eyebrows it’s so hard having to correct failures every day! With micropigmentation you will save 5 minutes of your lovely time… believe me, it’s worth it!

2- Right Shape

It’s important to remember that many girls are afraid of this technique because of the un successful cases around there, definitely a bad work of a bad professional. When you have a qualified professional taking care of it, the scene is completely different! He or she knows what is good for you, what will get you a harmonious face. Usually these professionals, are people who have studied for it, they must have a whole technique to adjust the measures, requires patience and a bit of perfectionism.

3- Self Esteem

A well made eyebrow enhances your eyes, makes you to feel alive and even healthier! It seems like complete what was lacking in your face to make you more…you!

4- No hype needed!

No need to overdo it! Many people find that the micropigmentation will be too much fake. But you can choose how you want it. Maybe drawing each one to fill it till you get the desired shape, or it can be smoky, which is also great to get a natural look.


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