Gabi Giacomucci Skincare

Natural Beauty by Cassie Skincare

Long story short: I am thrilled! I have waited for my life to announce something like that…
I’m collaborating with a skincare brand! 

More exciting than doing something we love is to work with people that do what the love as well and when I met Cassie it was “love at first sight”. We connected immediately. She is a passionate Brazilian, esthetician, dedicated and so knowledgeable of all things skincare, she took care of my skin (and still does) and I can’t even describe the feeling of having a healthy skin, no photo treatment needed after being an acne victim for years! Here it is my natural beauty by Cassie Skincare!

During my facial sessions, she mentioned she was planning to take a step forward in her business and launch her skincare line and spa on the online platforms. I was already down for this ride! Just like her, I’m so passionate about beauty, cosmetics, skin care, ingredients and all about this magic world; however, I’ve never been able to work with a beauty brand before, so for me, supporting Cassie and making possible for me to do what I have dreamed my whole life. I said Yes!

Her website Cassie Skin Care is now online, you can check the products made with natural Brazilian ingredients and also get a great facial treatment at her spa! I’m so happy to be the face of her website and products! It fulfills me with so much joy to work with these amazing passionate team of professionals. Such a great opportunity to make something special

Gabi Giacomucci Skincare

Gabi Giacomucci SkincareGabi Giacomucci SkincareGabi Giacomucci SkincareGabi Giacomucci SkincareCheck the team protfolio:
Photos by: Marcella Bastos Photography

Cassie Skin Care: 


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