Make Up & Talk

12 December, 2016

Here it is a very intimate talk with you all about my life changes since I’ve moved to LA, fears, overcoming situations, growing in maturity and much more.

I know it is in Portuguese but my Brazilian followers were craving about and asking me a lot about my life right know. I feel like going a new channel with english videos, that will be an extra work but I love what I do so it should be fun, right?
I just need time to put life together and if you guys think it’s a nice idea I’ll do it for sure!

While we don;t have the video in english, you can watch and maybe learn some make up tricks I do everyday 😉


– Facial Moisturizing: Avene Hydrance Optimale
– BB cream: Maybelline Dream Pure Light/Medium Sheer
– concealer: Covergirl
– Contour, Eyeshadow and Highlighter: BH Cosmetics Forever Nude
– Face Powder: Winky Lux Diamond Powder
– Eye Mascara: Tarte Cosmetics
– Blush: BH Cosmetics Ashley Tisdale Cream Cheek Cabana
– Lipstick: Smashbox cor B56
– Lip Gloss: Ashley Tisdale Skinny Dipping