Los Angeles with Custom itineraries! @LAlikealocal

11 Março, 2016


We all know that traveling is one of the best experiences of our lives. But planning it isn’t always so easy. It’s very common to hear people saying that they’d wasted their times trying to go to a place and failed or spent money on a particular attraction that was not worth it … In the end, there are many situations where this journey of dreams can become a trap.

Thinking about it, Nayana Estanislau, owner of LA Like a Local, created custom itineraries for each visitor who goes to Los Angeles, in California. She is Brazilian and has been living in LA for two years and she already knows a lot from every corner of the city. The idea is to make turists have an experience “Like a Local”, in other words, as someone who lives in the city. It means going to places beyond the tourist ones and try those most entertaining spots that just who lives in the city knows it’s cool.


Steps to get a custom itinerary are:

1 -Who’s going to travel?

Are you going alone? with friends? family? boyfriend/ girlfriend?

2- for how long do you intend to travel?

It can be 3 days, one week, months…

3- What is the main purpose of the trip?

Would you rather the touristic places than the “hyper”ones? Do you want to go to nightclubs? expensive restaurants or junk food? outdoor activities like beaches and parks or downtown in the city center? Are you willing to shop? Where?

4- What do you want do?

Everything related to Arts? History? Fashion? Decor? fitness?

With this information, is possible to direct you to an amazing experience in the city of Los Angeles and believe me, you can find everything you want there!
Each place has a story to tell, has a differential and something to offer, just know how to enjoy it all!


In my case, I wanted to do a little bit of everything (LOL Crazy!!) and it worked!
In the first week I’ve met the sights (the “Must Go” places in the ciy) as the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign, LACMA, The Grove (outdoor mall), Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Downtown LA and also around city to Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Studio city and so on.
Then I ended up making company to Nayana in other spots that are nothing sightseeing and waaay to much fun (including nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, stores ans

Having the best experience on a trip is very special! And there’s nothing better than someone who experiences all that day-to-day to advice you and give some important touches. Just get connected to Nayana from LA Like a Local and ask her for your custom itinerary!

Watch my videos with @lalikealocal 🙂