Candle Therapy & Trim Hair: No Split ends anymore!


Velaterapia (Candle Therapy), the Burning-Off-Your-Split-Ends Trend, has become popular in Brazilians hair in the last past years such as Trimming hair. These two techniques are the solution for those who need to get a rid of the split ends but don’t want to lose the hair length. It might seem a little weird and crazy at first time but it’s importante to be in good hands with qualified hairdressers to apply these treatments, mainly because they involve fire.

I became a huge fan of this practice because I really see the difference on my hair after the treatment. It may last 2-4 months when slip ends start to come out again.


Candle Theraphy

It provides the recovery of fragile, thin and no strength hair. The candle’s flame sears split ends, opens the hair strands (which are often tight by the use of chemical products) making easier the absorption of necessary nutrients to recover and provide more vitality to the hair.


Trim Hair

To complete the technique, it comes the “Trim Hair”. It removes all those split ends that were burned by the candle and that were interfering in hair nutrition, making its growth process much slower, without strength.
With scissors, the professional will cut the split ends over the stand hair and not in the end of it, as many people are afraid of losing length.
This method won’t remove length at all and gives the hair a lighter, stronger and hydrated appearance.


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