Bb Dry Shampoo Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible

Okay, we all know that talking about dry shampoo can be a little cheesy. Seriously, I’ve tried so many of them and I must confess it was a love and hate relationship.
They give you the perfect look, your hair looks clean and soft, but the truth is you can even put your fingers in it because the texture is so sticking and thick..ew! then, of course, you must wash it off on the next’s only a “moment” saver.

1 -Why we love it so much?

Here it is what happens when you get an amazing VoxBox from Influenster (thank you, guys) with Bumble and Bumble new Dry Shampoo Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible. Wow, it was like love at first sight, I absolutely love this product! Different than most of the other dry shampoos this one is super light and not only gives you the impression of a clean hair but keeps your hair soft, a little bit of volume! I’m the biggest fan right now…

xoxo, GG


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