Gabi Giacomucci

Hi, I’m Gabi!


My name is Gabriela, I’m 23, Brazilian from Sao Paulo current living in Los Angeles, California.
I have a bachelor degree in Fashion Design and I worked in marketing, digital strategy in social media, e-commerce and fashion journalism. I am very passionate about communication and like sharing my experiences with the world outside. In 2013 became a member of Cat Magazine’s team, as a co-worker on creating content to the magazine.

As a creative person, blogging became my life. Sooner than I expected I left all my latest jobs (there were many of them!) to dedicate 100% of me to the photos, videos and blogging stuff. Living in Los Angeles makes me to feel inspired everyday and it makes easier to share daily fresh news with people who wonder why a girl like me just started a new life, leaving all behind to be so many things I never though I could be… and so much more!