Hi, I’m Gabi!


My name is Gabriela, I’m 25, Brazilian from Sao Paulo currently living in Los Angeles, California.
BA in Fashion Design, work experience with marketing, digital strategy in social media, e-commerce and fashion journalism.
I am very passionate about communication and I like sharing my experiences with the world outside.

Moving to LA was a dream come true. I was only a little girl with big dreams and plans for my future and it all, for many times, seemed to be so far and distant (about 9.000 miles away!!) and only God believe in my me, specially when I didn’t.
With opportunity and determination I made LA my new home, it brought my self confidence out there and I had my first lesson learned: God would never put a dream inside of your heart, if it’s not meant to become true. fight for it!

With no friends, no family, no one to help me out I’ve been encouraging, not only myself, but other girls and boys around there to do the same!

Here you’ll find some make up reviews, tips, fashion looks, lifestyle experiences and a little bit of an accent! Just enjoy it, have fun and stay beautiful!

Xoxo, GG