2 drinks made with Coffee!

9 março, 2016

Today Me and Camila Ticiane will show you how to do 2 recipes of alcoholic drinks that are made with coffee!
Both recipes are super easy, fun, delicious and don’t require much time!!

Irish Coffee


– Coffee
– Whisky
– heavy cream
– Grated chocolate or cream

Put 4 dessert spoons of heavy cream, 2 shots of whiskey, 1 cup of hot coffee and to complete add the chocolate chips or cream on the top. Blend it all and it’s ready to be served!

Coffee Caipirinha


That’s a very brazilian one! If you don’t know what is a Caipirinha, you should definitely try it! This one is made with coffee, not so usual, but you can do it too!

– Coffee
– Cachaça or Vodka
– Lemon
– Sugar
– Ice

In a shaker, put three cut lemons, 1 dose of cachaça or vodka, 3 teaspoons of sugar. Macerate the ingredients and add 1 cup of iced coffee and some ice. Blend it well and serve to chill!

You can watch the video and learn with us too!!